A Shame To Sweden

I have to express myself somehow. I am too sick of Sweden’s hypocrisy and allowing the US to own us.

The part of Assange’s case involving Sweden is an absolute disgrace to Sweden.


Summarized timeline

Based on https://justice4assange.com/Timeline.html


  • Julian goes to Sweden to give talk about its military involvement in the Afghan war.
  • Two Swedish women ask police about compelling Julian to take an STD test.
  • Swedish police treat their visit as a report and open an investigation despite both women objecting.
  • The Swedish prosecution office reveal Assange’s name to the press because why the fuck not. Nevermind that it’s wrong in every way.
  • The prosecutor drops the accusation saying that the description of the events does not suggest any crime at all and that “There is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever”
  • Claes fucking Borgström becomes the legal representative of the women (to save face after the whole Thomas Quick case?)
  • Marianne Ny becomes the 3rd prosecutor to lead the case over the course of 10 days, resurrects the investigation into ’lesser rape’
  • Prosecutor agrees in writing that Julian may leave Sweden to carry on with his work.
  • Sweden issues Red Notice which Interpol posts on its front page.
  • Prosecutor still refuses to take Julian’s statement; the investigation has been frozen since 2010.


  • Assange is granted political asylum by Ecuador regarding the political prosecution being mounted in the United States in relation to WikiLeaks and the risk of life imprisonment and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment like Manning.
  • Julian files a petition to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.
  • At a United Nations press conference during the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of Sweden, Swedish representatives said that Sweden permits detaining persons indefinitely without charge.

This whole time Assange has said that he’s been available for questioning in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. In 2015 Ny finally says she’ll do it. It seems to be going well.

Then she cancels it.

She just fucking cancels it and nothing has happened since.

It’s 2016, soon 2017 and this began in 2010. Assange has fought against this situation tooth and nail since 2010. He hasn’t even been charged with anything! Ny merely wants to question him and he’s been nothing but compliant yet she refuses to move forward in the case. What the fuck Ny?

Recently Ny rejected Assange’s request to attend the funeral of his close friend and mentor Prof. Gavin MacFadyen. Hearing of this made my blood boil. How can someone be so cruel? Marianne Ny is a vile excuse for a human being.

This is what Assange had to say about it:

“I am heart-broken that this official has rejected my request to attend Gavin’s funeral. Her rejection is consistent with the corrupt and frankly wicked manner in which she has exercised her “discretion” over me, as the UN also ruled earlier this year. I am deeply shocked that this official would use my request for compassion as an opportunity for publicity by issuing a press release boasting of her rejection about this deeply personal matter. This callous official has shown no consideration for my grief or that of Gavin’s family. I have instructed my counsel to appeal the request to Sweden’s Attorney General.”

As the website notes:

“This type of request is routinely granted in other cases on compassionate grounds, even where the person has been charged and/or convicted. Mr. Assange hasn’t even been charged and has previously been formally cleared.”

The UK is hardly innocent in this. The UK police force, which used to watch over the embassy day and night, ended its 24-hour guard last October, stating it would use “overt and covert tactics” (surveillance) to detain Assange instead. Not only that, they are forcing Assange to choose between the human right to asylum and the human right to health and healthcare. So far the UK has spent over £12.6 million on policing Julian Assange.

Almost 60 legal associations and rights organizations urged the United Nations to remedy human rights violations in pre-charge detention of Julian Assange in 2014.

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention determined that Sweden in in breach of its binding obligations under “articles 7, 9(1), 9(3), 9(4), 10 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”. The experts of the Committee stated Sweden’s explanations were “unsatisfactory“. In other words, the detention of Julian Assange is unlawful.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, commented:

“Human rights law, the treaty body law is binding law, it is not discretionary law, it is not some passing fancy that a state can apply sometimes and not in the others.”

500 human rights organizations, law professors, parliamentarians, former UN office holders, and high-profile rights defenders including four Nobel Peace Prize winners have urged the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom to respect the United Nations’ decision to free Julian Assange. Sweden has ignored all of this. Sweden has ignored Amnesty too.

What Sweden is doing to Assange is infuriating. What happened to us being oh so “humanitarian”? Does that only apply to luxury refugees and people stuck in Ethiopia?

“Why doesn’t Assange just go to Sweden?”

Both the UK and Sweden refuse to guarantee that they will not extradite Julian Assange to the United States. Despite political and military extraditions being expressly prohibited under the extradition treaty between Sweden and the United States.

Assange has more than enough reason to fear the US. Several people, including Hillary Clinton, have said that he should be assassinated. And if he is extradited, he would probably face lifetime in jail. He would probably even be tortured.

Why? Because telling the truth is the most dangerous thing you can do these days and Assange founded WikiLeaks which has published over 10 million documents of truth regarding US wars, trade agreements, Hillary Clinton etc.

There’s also this lovely part:

“On the day Marianne Ny reactivated the case, the head of Sweden’s military intelligence service – which has the acronym MUST – publicly denounced WikiLeaks in an article entitled “WikiLeaks [is] a threat to our soldiers”. Assange was warned that the Swedish intelligence service, SAPO, had been told by its US counterparts that US-Sweden intelligence-sharing arrangements would be “cut off” if Sweden sheltered him.”

Which takes me to the core of this post.

What happened to Sweden?

I remember a country which stood up for the small ones. Which stood up against big countries regardless of consequences. Which fought for human rights everywhere. Page 115 of The Social Construction of Swedish Neutrality: Challenges to Swedish Identity and Sovereignty tells me I’m not wrong.


So what happened to my beloved country? How did we turn into American puppets? Because these days Sweden will do whatever America says.

US: If you shelter Assange we’ll end our intelligence-sharing agreement. (As a side note, why do we have one with the US?)

Sweden: Don’t worry boss!

US: Do something about illegal file sharing or we’ll blacklist you within the World Trade Organisation!

Sweden: Right on it, Master!

US: Hey uh we know you are really “humanitarian” but can our guys go over there and take these two Egyptians back to Egypt where they’ll be tortured?

Sweden: Not an issue!

What’s next? Is our prime minister going to get on his knees and ask for headpats from big scary US?

Throughout our history we have stood up to big countries. Just look at The Great Northern War, for example. Look at these numbers ss2016-10-28at11-26-37

The Thirty Years’ War


The Battle of Fraustadt (Sweden vs SaxonyPoland and their Russian allies)

Sweden on the left again.


And even without this, we’ve been a country to be proud of. We did what was right, not what was easy. We stood up for ourselves. Modern Sweden has (we only stopped when they were mean to us) and will probably again sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is financing/arming ISIS.

Modern Sweden is super cozy with Saudi Arabia which is highly ironic considering that our PM thinks of his government as feminist. Don’t you talk about human rights, especially not gays or womens rights, if you’re turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia.

And Ny

Ny is all around a terrible human being and should in my opinion not be allowed to work as a prosecutor or for the state. According to Brita Sundberg-Weitman, a Swedish lawyer, retired judge and distinguished jurist, who spoke of Sweden’s gender politics and the Assange case at the Feb 2011 Hearing: Marianne Ny is a well-known radical feminist. She has worked on changing Swedish law to make it “more favorable to women”.

In other words, sexist towards men. She has worked especially hard on our sexual offence laws which have gone so far that they’ve turned into a joke.

I quote Sundberg-Weitman again

“Ms Ny is a well known feminist. For example, she is known to have said that when a woman says she has been assaulted by a man, the man ought to be detained because it is not until he is in prison that the woman may have the peace to consider whether or not she has been mistreated.

Ms Ny has stated that she believes that imprisoning the man has a positive effect, “even in cases where the perpetrator is prosecuted but not convicted”. It is also informative, in regards to the presumption of innocence, that she uses the term ’perpetrator’ rather than ’defendant’ or ’suspect’ in discussing criminal investigation in rape cases.”

“Marianne Ny, unlike other prosecutors, has made various statements […] in which she regards the prosecution of men, even without sufficient evidence, as in the public interest ’pour encourager les autres’ [to deter others].


On Borgström she says

“It is important to note here that an appeal was made on behalf of the complainants by Mr Claes Borgström, a well known politician, lawyer, and ultra radical feminist and activist. […] Mr Borgström can be described as an ultra radical feminist. He is also a politician whose platform is associated with radical feminist activism”

Borgström supported the “man-tax” Gudrun Schyman (other horrible human being) wanted and likened gender relations in Sweden to the Taliban. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he is absolutely pathetic. As a human, I despise him. As a woman, I despise him. He seems to be this destructive force that destroys everything he touches. I don’t know if he’s hoping to get laid or if we’re witnessing the most severe case of psychological abuse in recorded history. Of course I don’t know if he’s being abused, but assuming his wife has similar political views it is hardly unlikely.

My beloved

I have not ever been so ashamed of Sweden as I am now. Embarrassed. In despair. Shame on you Sweden. Iceland and Ecuador have more integrity than us. Eastern Europe has more integrity than us. C’mon, even Russia is doing better than us when it comes to political refugees. When in history have we ever been less humanitarian than Russia? Julian Assange is a journalist who’s doing actual journalism unlike most of the Swedish and Western media in general. When Russia is siding with Snowden and Assange, refusing to extradite Snowden because he might get tortured, and Sweden’s stance is the opposite, it says a whole lot about Sweden and it’s disgusting. Sweden’s behaviour is sickening.

Sweden has proven itself to be a country not to be counted on. Not to be trusted. Not to be proud of. I am proud of my heritage, but our government has been really insistent on making this country shameful to be a citizen of for the past few decades.

I would rather be poor and proud like Eastern Europe, than do well and be a coward, a whimp, like Sweden.

I’m not sure if our current and past Prime Minsters have caught up on this, but the world is laughing at us. And they have good reason to. It’s time we become a country to be proud of again. I didn’t write this post out of hate, I wrote it out of love for my country and with the hope for a brighter future. It is entirely possible and it begins with this one step:

Free Assange.

I know we have some courage after we recognised Palestine so it’s not too much to demand.

I ask people to please donate to Julian Assange Defence Fund to help Assange cover his legal defence fees https://justice4assange.com/Donate.html and/or WikiLeaks https://shop.wikileaks.org/donate especially if you’re receiving benefits/welfare or if your wage comes from the state.  It’s a nice “fuck you” to your state if they are contributing to the WikiLeaks team’s sufferings. WikiLeaks are modern day heroes and helping them is the least we can do, whether it’s donating or spreading their leaks. WikiLeaks has done so much for us. Knowledge is power.

End note

Marianne Ny is the worst of the lot. I wish someone would revoke her citizenship. That any radical is allowed to work for the state, government or within the justice system is frightening. It shouldn’t be allowed. I hope Ny, the Swedish state and the UK will have to pay hefty compensations to Assange. I want to make one thing very clear to everyone in Sweden and abroad:

Marianne Ny is a shame to Sweden.

Ps. Oh and fuck Carl Bildt. Ds.